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Bobbin Side Table/Stools

The South of England has a high density of woodland with an abundant supply of timber from the forestry management industry.

The bobbin stools blend a smooth surface profile with random cracking and splitting that develops when round solid timber dries out, similar to Oak timber frame buildings. The effect adds texture and individuality to each design and with a flash of colour we are able to add further contrast that can be customised to suit.

Apart from sourcing and milling suitable timber into pieces ready for shaping into wooden stools, there are two stages of manufacture.

We first employ a method of traditional ‘green’ woodturning to shape the stools into various shapes and profiles. Green in this case means freshly felled wood that holds a lot of moisture but is much easier to cut.

To make sanding possible we developed a unique surface drying method that enables us to smooth each stool ready for an Oiled finish or to be left natural.

Designer Credit: GOM

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