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Delivering high quality cnc cutting and manufacturing services to London and Kent.

CNC routing of sheet materials is an extremely versatile way to fabricate and one that can often prove to be the most cost effective way to accomplish a job requirement.


We have experience in CNC cutting of components from client supplied design files as well as helping to convert plans and schematics into CNC production ready files that we can go onto fabricate and if required install.


We always take a pride in our work and try to deliver the best quality we can, be that on small cutting jobs to larger CNC fabrication projects.

Our services cover the following work and sectors;


  • CNC fabrication

  • CNC design and prototyping services

  • CNC router cutting services from digital files

  • Display and signage manufacture

  • CNC cut cabinetry, kitchen units, shelving and counter tops.

  • CNC routing of architectural composite forms.

  • Production of cnc routed parts in MDF, plywood and solid timer.

  • Building design and construction.

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