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Our early work with an inventive process to seamlessly embed colour changing LED into Timber.

The Timberlit range of sculptural artwork lighting is made from timber boards, predominantly Sycamore, Walnut, Elm and Cherry. These varieties of timber are used for carving, as the grain structure is more suitable and stable so perfect for making a Timberlit.


The grain patterns in the species we made these from can be stunning once sanded and polished which all added to the beauty.


People found it hard to believe that they were made exclusively on a woodturning lathe, all the grooving and channelling to hollow them out so that flexible strips of colour changing LED’s could be fitted along with an IR controlled colour mixing LED driver that produced 8000 separate shades or colour. This was before LED’s really took off so very different and striking.


The process relied heavily on fiberglass resin with us developing a 4 part system to manufacture a completed blank that would then be sanded in a custom made booth that would remove the dust, all the way down through the sanding grits to 1000.


The resulting sculpture would be Danish oiled and polished and having been bonded well with the majority of tension taken out of the timber be capable of withstanding seasonal changes in moisture continent as well as the warmth the LED’s would produce.

Designer Credit: GOM

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