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The Spotty

3 in 1 Lamp Body with a happy disposition.

The Spotty is a handmade wooden ceiling pendant light that comes in a choice of styles. The classic shape of theses wooden lights was originally launched in 2012 as part of London Design Week.

Since then we've continued to make this design classic, which was the first lamp to incorporate 3 in 1 functionality from subtle design elements to their shape, a real trendsetter.

We have redesigned the Spotty for 2016 as a pendant light in response to our customer feedback where the extra making steps needed to shape the 3 in 1 aspect was not needed when the form and budget was the largest considerations.

Both versions are made from sustainably sourced wood, incorporate A+ rated Led bulbs as standard and are shaped on the worlds best wood lathe by skilled hands to achieve a flowing form and tactile surface.

Designer Credit: GOM

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