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A contemporary solution to an urban need for more space.

The project to design, develop, prototype Urban Grow Pods into a branded product began in the Autumn of 2017 with a brainstorm of ideas and features that we wanted to include into the design brief. The initial concept for this type of garden room with its modular approach to manufacturing was mooted about 4 ½ years ago but had to remain untouched while we focused on other projects.


The resulting modular design feels amazing to be in and the feedback we have received has been extremely positive. We really worked hard to include as much light as we could with integrated skylights in a curved aluminium roof that conveys positivity and optimism.


We have specified high quality materials that are eco friendly and sustainable, all adding to sense of value and dependability, which ultimately these buildings are.


More can be found on

We are thankful for the photo shoot location which was kindly provided by land owners Julia and Peter Soyke at Manor Court Farm, who also offer B & B  accommodation and Camping in Tunbridge Wells.

Designer Credit: GOM

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