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VB36 Lathe and Accessories

Price £5,499 OVNO Call 07561 313 739

This really is the best woodturning lathe in the world, Voisey and Buse nailed the design pretty perfectly and by the time this one was made had refined a few peripheral aspects to improve daily function and usability. The essential fact remains that this lathe can handle very large projects with no issues at all thanks to the shear mass of the headstock and enormous drive shaft in double plain bearings. If your looking for a lathe that can do it all and can accommodate your ambitions and grow with your experience this is the one for you.


My own personal journey in woodturning took on huge advances thanks to the confidence and capability this VB gave me. From bowls and pens to 6 x 2 foot obelisk sculptures, 5 foot diameter coffee tables and counter balanced wall hangings.


This lathe has been used at times for production of products that I have now come away from making to focus on other projects so it is time for it to pass onto someone else. If you can find a viable outlet for the products that the VB can make and you can utilise the almost free and abundant source of green timber the UK generates it has the potential to pay for its self easily.


The quality of the manufacture, simplicity of design with minimal components means that VB36 lathes will be going strong for decades. Thick cast iron and thick stainless steel is something to be relied upon and will hold it’s value. They are now manufactured in Germany so all of the UK green ones are finite and collectable. It was made in Hailsham, model number 01646 although Roger Buse told me that the 1 was added on for marketing and sales reasons so in reality this was the 646th made in England. If you know anyone with the 646 I’m happy to stand corrected.


This VB36 is the high stand version and comes with the short bed tailstock. Brand new in Steinert colours expect to pay £8,000 plus shipping.


The lathe is being sold with the following additional items:


Freestanding tool rest VB36-80H

Faceplate 75mm VB36-FP75

Screw Chuck Insert VB36-FP75SCR

Eccentric Tappet VB36-FP75EX

Faceplate VB36-FP150

Bennison Adaptor VB36-BEN

40mm Height Setting Collar VB36-HSC40

Extra Long Deep Hollowing Rest VB36-XDHR

Additional Handrest VB36-XDHR3


Multi live Centre minus the point

Live Centre from Axminster

Axminster Chuck with VB adaptor

4 jaw Chuck to suite VB

Drying Cowel to help surface sanding green oak

Whole range of wood turning tools.

Tobias Kaye sharpeing jig

Polishing mop kit

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